Gifts That Don’t Suck – Camp Chef Smoke Vault

Smoke VaultCamp Chef was featured on our Christmas Gift List in the Winter issue of Western Hunter Magazine. We needed to give it a try, so we cooked up some Thanksgiving chicken and salmon.

The Smoke Vault is easy to use, simple to set-up and smokes some of the best meat we’ve ever tried! Since the chicken and salmon, we’ve used it for ribs, tenderloin and more. This is a great unit to have in your backyard, and (of course) to take to camp with you. Imagine coming back to camp after a long hunt with some smoked salmon ready for dinner! Can’t beat that, can you?

Check out our smoking video, and go grab yourself a Smoke Vault today. This would make a killer Christmas present for any meat lover on your list!

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  1. I just got an 18″ Smoke Vault myself a few weeks back. I love the thing! I was using an electric smoker before, which was very convenient, but the thing never got hot enough to crisp up poultry skin. The Smoke Vault is fantastic, and almost as little effort as an electric smoker! Definitely a win!

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