Gifts That Don’t Suck (Part I)

Hunters are officially the hardest group of people to shop for. If we want a new piece of gear, we usually find a way to get it! We don’t wait for our wives/husbands/kids/hunting buddy to get a clue and put it under the tree. This Christmas, give some gifts that any hunter will be stoked to receive! [hr]

Outdoorsmans Backpack Christmas Package

Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack Package w bow1The Outdoorsmans Pack is by far the most lightweight, versatile, durable and on the market today. This December, you can save $125 on a pack set-up from The Outdoorsmans. The setup includes a True Timber Outdoorsmans pack (the quietest fabric available for the Outdoorsmans Pack), an accessory pod and a rain cover for just $435.

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Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

Yeti 150

Don’t leave your loved ones in the dark this year! (Excuse our pun.) The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator is light, portable, and will charge from the wall in 6 hours, or the car in 8. A fully charged Yeti 150 will charge your smartphone 20-30 times, or your laptop up to 7 times. Who doesn’t need one of these in their truck! We might buy one for each kid!

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MeatEater Gear

Meat EaterIf you know us, then you know we are big Steven Rinella fans. Steve and his team always do a great job of coming out with new, exciting products for their fans. Last year, we recommended buying his book called Meat Eater: Adventure from the Life of an American Hunter. We hope you all loved his book like we did. This year, we’re recommending pretty much everything in his new Meat Eater Store. From hats and hoodies, to DVDs, to limited edition First Lite/MeatEater gear… you’re gonna want it all!

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Christmas PackageStay tuned for more Christmas gift ideas from Western Hunter. And always remember, the only gift that keeps on giving is a subscription! We’ve got a special Christmas package put together for you. Or you can make your own package and save 15% on orders of $99 or more. Enter promo code Christmas13 at checkout!

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