Colorado Elk – Scouting August 24-25


After working an event on Saturday, I arrived in my unit near dark. I found a cow and calf moose, and then spotted a herd of bulls. One of them stood out from the rest. He had great fronts and great backs, but short thirds so I named him S3. It was too dark for photos or video, so I made note of his location and vowed to return to find him again.

 The next morning I spotted some deer and was able to get some pretty cool photos. I also stepped foot in Cow Camp. A rancher in the unit, John Raftoupolous, offered the use of his cow camp during my hunt. He told me I could check it out and use it as needed during my scouting, too. It sits in the heart of the unit and will provide a great base for the hunt. Stone walls and a metal roof will keep the weather out. Bunk beds and a propane cook stove will keep us comfortable.



As the hunt gets closer, large elk and a nice camp are starting to make me realize the hunt is real. I will soon be chasing bulls in one of the most amazing parts of the West I have ever explored. Big critters, little critters, amazing views, cotton candy clouds, cool mornings, and moisture in the air make my heart skip a beat.





Trent Swanson, a Colorado native, is the Mountain Territory Sales Rep for SWAROVSKI OPTIK. You might recognize his name since he used to work with us here at Western Hunter. Heis a self-professed “optics nerd” who has been chasing big game critters for nearly 30 years. You can find the rest of the blog posts about his Colorado elk hunt here.




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  1. bryan gregory

    Trent, congrats
    Just found this blog you started, I also drew a 201 rifle and am leaving tomorrow for my hunt. I was wondering how was the location of the house you stay to where you hunted. I was planning on parking on the back side of the hill by the reservoir camp ground witch is close to where you stayed. would you recommend this location or park else where. I spotted many nice bulls in this area in early August but have not been back since. Has the rut really got started yet, I live in Evergreen and not really hearing much talking yet was that the case up there. thanks for any help.
    Bryan Gregory
    303 619 1606

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