Fourteen Days of Must-Have Gear – Day 14

Goal Zero Light-A-Life Mini Light and Venture 30 Power Pack

Day-14---Goal-ZeroGoal Zero continues to amaze me with their innovative power packs, lighting options, and solar energy solutions. I started using the new Light-A-Life mini LED lights and the Venture 30 Power Pack in August and the results have been impressive. I’ve been able to light my entire camp for more than a week at a time with nothing but solar power. The Light-A-Life is compact and incredibly lightweight (2.4 oz). One light is all you need for a backpack camp and you can chain together two or more for larger camps. The Venture 30 Power pack is charged via a USB cord and stores up to 30 Wh of power, is fully waterproof, yet only weighs 8.8 oz. It was designed from the ground up as a backcountry device that could handle any conditions, and it does.

Cost:Light-A-Life $30


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  1. It will not fully charge an iPad from the battery pack. It will boost the battery up only. You can get the iPad almost fully charged if you leave it connected to the solar panel and let the sun supply a continuous boost to it. A Sherpa 50 pack will fully charge an iPad.

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