Outdoorsmans Long Range Hunter Pack

Outdoorsmans Long Range Hunter Pack (redesigned for 2016)

The Outdoorsmans 5500-c.i. Long Range Hunter pack is one of the most respected expedition-style, heavy-hauling packs on the market. That’s not new, nor a secret. With ample room, great pocket organization, superior materials, a flex poly frame, and more, it’s as dependable as sunrise.

However, a redesign for the 2016 season should raise your eyebrows. Here are a few new features:

  • The weight has been trimmed to a sleek 7.11 lbs. – not bad for a pack that won’t cut corners on rugged, necessary materials.
  • It also now includes a padded optics pocket to protect your precious optics.
  • The new Tripod Mounting System allows for quick and easy tripod access.
  • More pockets!

All those selling points are great and welcomed, but there’s one new feature that easily trumps the rest. This pack has now been reconfigured to allow the bag to be separated from the frame, giving you the ability to strap ultra-heavy meat loads directly to the frame and closer to your back for optimal weight distribution and better efficiency. This is a critical tool for elk hunters hauling quarters and all expedition-style hunters hauling both meat and camp.

No matter your preferences or opinions, this pack should be on every western hunter’s short list. Plus, it’s made in the USA.

Camo: True Timber, MultiCam, Coyote Brown.

Cost: $529, but $489 for a limited time when you pre-order online or on the phone. Contact: www.outdoorsmans.com or 1-800-291-8065.


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2 thoughts on “Outdoorsmans Long Range Hunter Pack

  1. This thing is sweet. We have a list of top rifle backpacks, and we are definitely going to have to add this one!

  2. Spencer

    I’ve had my Optics Hunter pack for 3 yrs. now and I really like it. But I have to admit it really irks me when I read the one new feature of the long range hunter pack that trumps the rest is the capability carry a meat load in between the pack and the frame. That’s one of the key features I THOUGHT I was getting with my Optics Hunter. The YouTube video has Chris Denham talking about the pack while it shows Nate Simmons carrying a load exactly that way. But upon purchase I couldn’t figure out how to make my pack do this so I called the shop and was told it’s “not meant to be used that way”. Disappointing to now read what a cool new feature that is on the all new Long Range pack. Between the store and the magazine and the show you guys are putting out a ton of great info. I live in Iowa and many of the new innovative backcountry hunting products are not on store shelves just anywhere. Would’ve been nice to get accurate information from my research on this purchase.

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