The Western Hunter Kenetrek Giveaway

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69 thoughts on “The Western Hunter Kenetrek Giveaway

  1. Craig

    Hey guys, love the show!! It’s always about the hunt as it should be! There are very few shows I watch now because most of them have someones wife sitting around in an airport or a fancy lodge talking stupid! Thanks for keeping it real!

    1. Tyler Craft

      Great hunting show. I always look forward to the next episode.

  2. Real hunting in real conditions. Thanks

  3. Jason smith

    Great opportunity thank you

  4. Hank Mccoy

    Your show is very good I like it alot

  5. Kim

    Great show. Keep up the good work.

  6. John

    Excellent magazines and show. Keep up the good work of ethical hunting and sportsmanship in a DIY back country adventure. Continue to showcase that hunting is much more than the kill, it is the adventure and memories acquired by being in the great outdoors, irregardless of trophy score or of being successful by taking an animal.

  7. Susan Jordan

    Hello, the rules wouldn’t come up on your Boot Giveaway – is it daily or one entry only also the start and end dates and how will winner be notified? Maybe you could send me an email and answer these questions for me? Thanks, Susan

  8. DK

    As Real as it gets—Thanks for a great Magazine and Television series.

  9. John Sholes

    Looking forward to a real hunting show

  10. Its all about the true hunting experience, you guys show real hunting scenarios with success and failure. People need to come back to reality that hard work and determination make a great story.

  11. Jim H

    Now there is a great combination on Western Hunter TV; Kenetrek boots, Kuiu camo, and awesome hunting adventures. Yeehaw and Thanks!!!

  12. Brian

    Enjoy the show have my DVR set to record every show. Thanks for the way you put the show together showing all the hunt.

  13. Mark

    Thanks for the show and opportunity on the boots! What a useful pair!

  14. Kyle

    Great magazine. Looking forward to next issue. Also great boots although I do not own a pair I have heard nothing but good things from friends.

  15. Greg

    One of the best shows on the air. I love the feel of the hunt and find myself actually engaged in it. I can’t stand the canned hunts that magically have a monster walk by after 5 minutes. Keep up the good work and keep them coming!

  16. Rick Woodard

    Like the TV show and I get the magazines

  17. I believe in what you guys promote and publish!!!

  18. Bridger Bowen

    Hey guys love all of the articals and informitive information. Keep up the good work! Hunting season is here lets make time to do what we love. Good luck to all!

  19. These people are the real deal and are great. The magazines are more than greater because of the content is useable information for all of us in the outdoors. Had a problem and they went the extra mile to make sure I got it fixed.

  20. Great show because it shows the real feeling of hunting and is beautifully filmed.

  21. I love the focus on western big game hunting

  22. Scott

    Nate love the show. Watch out for those grizzly bears!!!

  23. Sam Fortino

    Awesome show , can’t wait to get my first issue , just subscribed. Love the detail you put into useable products out west, you truly believe in the products you rep

  24. Darryl Cameron

    love the show, keep up the good /true hunting

  25. David

    Unable to enter sweepstakes when I enter my email address it takes me to Facebook I do not have a Facebook account

  26. Grant

    Best show on TV! Western hunter has taught me so much and has made me a way better hunter. Plus the footage is great! No show matches it!

  27. Adam.Cauayani

    Being a 5 generation native of San Francisco that grew up hunting,Its hard to get the time off to pursue my passion.
    You guys give me a quick get away from the daily madness.Really enjoy the topics in the articles “Great Tips”.
    Me being a California hunter would really appreciate an article or two on “Black Tail Strategies” or the 250 Savage Round.

    Keep up the great work!

    My feet hurt from stocking need New Boots

  28. Steve

    You should open the Kenetrek Giveaway to those who don’t participate, or have an account with Facebook. I know I feel left out.

  29. Eric

    Thank you for both great magazines, and the show. I also watch very little in the way hunting shows any longer, and find yours to be one of the few shows that doesn’t make me fell embarrassed to watch it. Love it all, thanks.

  30. Brandon

    Best show on. Just got started watching a few months ago and now look forward to every episode. Don’t change a thing!!! Thanks guys!!!

  31. jeff

    I don’t have a facebook ?? any other way ??

  32. william moretto

    enjoy the show keep it real and for the newbees would be welcomed i bet.i am retired but still hunt elk in idaho back country enjoy the shows and mag.

  33. Don

    Love the show…need to subscribe to the magazine. Time for a new pair of boots.

  34. Monty Kirby

    please enter me no facebook account

  35. Joshua Boden

    The most awesome TV show on television. All of you give all us Public Land hunters hope that with desire, effort, and hard work, we’ll achieve the true meaning of hunting!

  36. Gil

    Western hunting the way it should be. Good job guys and gals keep up the good hard work! I really appreciate the back country archery hunts, any one shoot recurves or longbows? 😉
    Thanks, have a good one

  37. Bill

    Living in Cody it like tying to figure out where your hunting. Love it.

  38. Erik Erwin

    Western Hunter is the best show out there!!! Please don’t ever change it!!

  39. Steve Maldonado

    One bad Ass Show. The true hunt like it’s meant to be.The real deal.

  40. Boone

    Best time spent watching TV. Great magiazines also. Thank you for the info and great high and lows of hunting.

  41. Daniel Nelson

    The best boots ever. I should know, I own 5 pair. Keep up the good work.
    Dan Nelson

  42. Jim

    Western Hunter shows it all including real conditions like weather, animals competition and results.

  43. James Malcom

    I love hunting out west and love your show!!

  44. Ted Romero

    I enjoy watching a true hunting show. Also enjoy reading the western hunter magazine. Keep up the great work. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do to make this happen.

  45. Daniel Nelson

    These are the best boots ever. I should know, I own 5 pair of them. Keep up the great job.
    Best Regards
    Dan Nelson
    Vail, Colorado

  46. Adam

    Your show puts other “western” shows to shame. It’s real, not fake. No walking up to the camera. Keep up the good work! I just wish it was an hour long.

  47. Chad

    Love the show! Love the magazines! Please Please Please don’t change a thing! You keep it real and it is the only show on the hunting channels worth watching. Gives the rest of us hope that there still are people out there that don’t pay big money to go to a privete ranch and go shooting instead of hunting! Letting most of my other subscriptions expire and just read yours. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you and your staff put in for the rest of us regular Joes to enjoy.

  48. Jon

    Great show! You guys focus on the amazing animals and the majestic country we persue them in. Don’t change a thing!

  49. Ron Venskoske

    Love it!

  50. Thanks Western Hunter for your very informative magazine on tactics and gear and even budgeting for that next big hunt(gear choices)!!!

  51. Tony Ulrich

    Great magazine, keep up the good work.

  52. Don Brunski

    I watch your show every week and find it one of the best ones. Keep up the good work.

  53. Daniel Nelson

    Kenetrek boots are the best boots ever. I should know, I own 5 pair of them.
    Keep up the good work.
    Dan Nelson
    Vail, Colorado

  54. Once I found the show, couldn’t stop watching. I taped every show just so I wouldn’t miss it. Keep up the great work. I’m 68 now so I probably won’t be able to hunt Elk, so you are doing it for me

  55. Sam Thomas

    Great show! I really like the way you go about approaching each hunting scenario with its successes and failures! Keep up the good work!

  56. JC Cash

    Great Show real people doing some Real Hunting!

  57. brian patterson

    Awesome show and great products…….can you name a better magazine?

  58. Jim Ferguson

    You guys are truly living the dream. Thanks for sharing it so well with all your viewers. I’ve learned quite a bit from…The Western Hunter!

  59. Nick

    Great show ! Please try your damndest to keep it western oriented please !
    No New Zealand, No Africa just keep it here in the western states
    Far and away the best hunting program out there !

  60. Rob

    Finally a show for the western hunters! Western archery mule deer and elk hunting at its finest! Keep up the great work!!!

  61. Ron Hewitt

    Great show. I like the fact that you don’t have to kill something to have a successful hunt. Real life hunting.

  62. Mark R

    If I ever see you guys hunting with an AR rifle I’ll be the most disappointed person on the earth. There are few shows that film and show the love of the hunt (includes the outdoors, solitude, conservation, ethics, etc.) like yours. As you obviously know it’s not just about filming kill shots like most shows seem to morbidly enjoy. You have my highest respect…extremely we’ll done!


  63. Jamie

    I stumbled upon this show last year and can’t get enough of it. Always looking for the next episode. Hands down the best hunting show I have ever watched. Love the way it is narrated and how the scenery is captured. The next best thing to being out there with you.

  64. Richard Brown

    love your show and how some times while hunting things dont allways go as planed.

  65. Bruce M

    Love the show–real without the obnoxious over the top advertising and commentary from Deep South drawl “personalities”

  66. Jeff

    Love the show and always have it set on the DVR so i make sure not to miss. It really is the only hunting show i care to watch regularly.

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