Western Hunter Magazine Launches Exciting New TV Show

Western Hunter and Elk Hunter Magazines (WHM & EHM) are excited to announce the launch of their new cutting edge hunting TV show, “The Western Hunter”. The show will premiere on The Sportsman Channel’s “Big Game Wednesday” primetime lineup on January 2 at 8 p.m. Eastern. Scroll down to watch a preview of what you can expect in Season 1 of The Western Hunter.

The Western Hunter will focus primarily on expert and self-sufficient backcountry Western big game hunting, with a strong, ethical message and high standard for content, filming, and editing. The show will feature three primary co-hosts – Nate Simmons (WHM and EHM’s Backcountry Editor and the show’s TV Producer); Ryan Hatfield (WHM and EHM’s Editor); and Chris Denham (WHM & EHM’s Marketing Director and the show’s Executive Producer). All three hosts bring many years of western hunting expertise to the table.

The show’s producer, Nate Simmons, stated, “The Western Hunter will show tough, honest backcountry hunting under extreme conditions, with quality animals earned through skill and sweat equity. Each hunt will be a test of will in big country.”

Ryan Hatfield added, “We’re very excited to show western hunting in a better light. This show will have the audience on the edge of its collective seat, and fill a major gap that’s too often missing in outdoor programming – the self-sufficient hunter who is willing to push his mental and physical limits in search of great trophies and high adventure. Even more importantly, we’re going to present it in a very respectful and thoughtful way.”

Chris Denham stated, “The chance to capture exceptional hunting in an excellent and ethical way is a dream, and we all feel fortunate to have been able to team up for a final product that will significantly elevate how people think about hunting. This is the show that hunters have been waiting for.”

So there you have it, everyone! We hear all the time about how there are so many shows on outdoor TV that “leave a little to be desired”. Our dream was to bring you a show where the hunters are REAL people, who subject themselves to the whims of Mother Nature’s toughest elements and wildest places, while showing how important and special hunting is to each of us. Our goal is to paint Western hunting in a good light, while showing honest, fair, and hard hunting for big game animals we truly respect.

Please head on over to our new The Western Hunter facebook page and Twitter, give it a like, and share with your friends, so that you can all hop on this fun, wild ride we’re going to be taking. This will be a show that you won’t want to miss.

You may also visit the show’s website at www.thewesternhunter.tv for more informaton.

We’ll be having a drawing for prizes for everyone who shares this announcement and likes our “The Western Hunter” TV show page, so help us spread the word on something that you’re all going to love!

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  1. Bob Bryant

    I just watched “Roots” for the third time. Three times, not because it was so great, but because I thought I missed the location in Oregon. But I did not miss the location; the location was never given. I’m interested because I’m familiar with the Eastside and spent a lot of time hunting Elk. I’m guessing the location was the Blues or the Wallowas. In fact the terrain looked a lot like Hells Canyon. I served as District Ranger in the Blues and managed habitat for an important, significant Elk herd. Only to satisfy my curiosity, what was the location???????????

  2. scott neumiller

    got to be my favorite show !north dakota bow hunter

  3. Excellent post. I’m going through some of
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